some re-arrangement in my room

Left view of my working environment

a LITTLE BIT of otaku feel, lol. still got a lot space to fill in more gundams!

runners to throw away

new modeling tool! RM110

big different, no wonder japanese modeler recommended this!


Nice and tidy room, bro. I wish to have a room like this to store my goodies. :)

Nice room Howard!!! Almost feels like home to me...btw, dont throw away all the runner, put it in the recyle bin....

janus, i think my room too small to store ur goodies la, haha.

sammy...too late, runners threw...
y?...but i still keep some...

kakaka... i see ur gouf casing too big to put up there liau !!
errr.. u sure ur desk always clean clean like in pics ?? :P

of coz not clean clean like this ler, coz just finished arrange tat time mah, faster take a good shoot lo, kekeke

:D cool i'm using the same side cutter as well.

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