This only 99% completed, the clear resin provided by juliuslim do do the water effect is not enough... anyway thx la bro!
no water effect photo showing here coz i failure mixing the clear resin, the surface just like a layer of oil floating on top...and the worse part is the clear resin not drying for few weeks...i sux...

the acguy is actually base on totoro (my favorite) color scheme

from this photo u actually can see the chest of acguy is put on decal which is something like totoro chest marks


WAAAAHHH SO KAWAII!!! I like it so much hahaha my baby would love this! XD

thx man, u started trainning ur baby into this hobby already? haha

hahaha i wish i could! as of now all she do is cry, sleep, eat and poop -_-.

Aww, so cute..^^ For sure those who doesn't like Gunpla will have another perspective on plastic modeling.. =)

The cutest Acguy ever!
and your concept of diorama is very creative:D

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