Phew... Wat i wanted to do finally has been done, here u are the 2nd wave of PG 00 RAISER photos

Wallpaper I - 0 RAISER

Wallpaper II - 00 GUNDAM

Wallpaper III - 00 RAISER

The making of wallpapers

Wallpaper I

Wallpaper II

Wallpaper III

Total photo i took is 170pcs, below just show some deselected photos.


WOW! i really like this so much! i also like the added armor/weapons, it gives me a new idea!

Awesome work man :D I love the kit with that added background!

glad tat both of u like it! thank u very much!

thats is pretty awesome work!... I like what u did the wallpaper! u did it with photoshop?

and can i get HI-Res for those 3 wallpapers preferably 1920x1080p

thanks ^^

waw, your wallpaper is reaaallllly good.

I'm currently using for my wall (00gundam)

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