1/48 x 1/100 x 1/144

just fit in my cabinet, cool~

beside my working table now ^^


Nice! will you be modding and painting this? or are you just going to play with it?

we all have same problem, hope can paint all of our kit, just the matter of time, hahaha, yes will paint it, but dunno when...
u get ur 1/48 already? if not, hurry! is really satisfied!

Wow! Big big Gundam!!! Size does matter! I always like big big stuff! Nice Gundam you got, bro, :P

yes, very very nice, we all should get 1, go grab it today hurry!

Long time didn't touch Gunpla, is this category size got Zaku or not? Bro. :P

Wa Janus, sounds like really long time no update urself in gundam >.<, ok nvm, so for only got rx78 in this mega scale category and I hope zaku would be the next too ^^

do u know how much it cost in RM??
where can we get this?

pre-ordered price RM300 from http://robotmastercollectibles.blogspot.com/

now more expensive i think...

Now should be RM340 if i'm not mistaken. RBTM price

thx for the info man!

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