Past few weeks was SANDING HARD on the PG 00 raiser, got no time to take a photo of my Mitsubishi Evolution 6.


was roughly counting the parts after wash, total abt 912 pcs above!

Basically no mod & detailing on this kit, just OOB and cover some seam lines, advance modeler can skip this.

was try out the innerframe color, look like shading one look more natural, the color i'm using for innerframe this time is:
GX2 "UENO BLACK (gloss)" = Base color
No.37 "RLM75 GRAY VIOLET (semi gloss)" = Shading

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Ah sanding.....the most tedious part of gunpla!! But one good thing I find after starting on gunpla and sanding so many arm power improve and I can actually do more pull ups lol ^^

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