Sorry~ has been a while didn't update my blog, was busying working on my PG 00 raiser, now in coloring stage, i have to finished everything end of this May, u might come back later coz wont be any update this following week, thx for support!
btw here some pic to show wat i'm doing recently, hehe ^^

more nice game i found for my iphone!
SLG! RPG! STRATEGY! all my favorites!

most surprise one is the CHAOS RINGS from Square-Enix, something like Final Fantasy!
below some screenshot from my iphone:

Title page

character select

saved file

walking scene

NPC selling weapon, armor, items etc.

1st boss i met

battle scene! the graphic quality is something like Final Fanatsy 8!

2nd boss

victory scene

beside playing game, i was spending a lot time on thinking & apply detailing on my PG 00 raiser.

finally completed all the detailing (simple one)

1st, coloring on WHITE parts.

tats all i can show, bought a lot model kit recently, will share again later~ c u end of this month!

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