Just finished this movie at 11pm, i was fall asleep watching half way on this movie, after woke up by a phone call, i continue this movie in dizzy status... yes, just right timing, the story started tension, the story line will twist u up, ''wat will u do if u encounter this situation over & over & over & over & over again..''
Perfect screen play, unique story, i just love it, btw, this isn't really a murdered or thriller, and the poster design looks simple but really got the CONCEPT on it, for those who like special story, u might try watch this movie!

the main actress MELISSA GEORGE Filmography:

Dark City - 1998
The Amityville Horror - 2005
Derailed - 2005
Turistas - 2006
30 Days of Night - 2007

i just list out the movie i watch b4.. :P

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