given by my colleague yesterday, 1st time assembling car kit, quite interesting ^^

box art

this is wat he left for me, actually he was give up upon half way assembling, lol

done this so far using 2.5 hour in this very early morning

love the spoiler, very cool, sand it very smooth!

hoho, engine, some parts need glue & some need to be trim!

to be continue...


Goodluck with the build man...I have not done a car myself, cars are all about great paint jobs...looking forward to yours. ;)

Woah I never build a car before :D would sure like to own one real one haha! But you have any paint scheme in mind??

hmm, this is quite poisonous. :D

DC23: thx man, this is my 1st car kit also, quite interesting.

chubbybots: may be u should try, something diff to me so far, hehe, real one? u mean real EVO!~ hoho!
dunno wat color to put yet... may be orangey red...

Justin: u know abt car? share share next time yamchar la, i'm not car fans, so no feeling with Evo, hehe, but quite excited to see the result...

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