just finished the episod 1 of Gundam UC, the version i downloaded got some problem... the voice delay... anyway looking forward the proper version with chinese subtitle, here u r some nice screenshot! episod 1 totally is the showtime of Kshatriya!


Looks great! makes me want to get a HGUC kash and unicorn! :)

haha....gundams now has airbags! Swell!!!...hihi

don: u should get the kshatriya, less seam line & huge kit!
sammy: yea airbag, i forgot to took the screenshot! is this 1st time u saw airbag? coz i not complete all the gundam series yet

I might bro...mainly coz i want to make a hguc dio with a Unicorn with it. hihi...hope they release an MG version of the Kash though.

@ DC23 Fwah Mg version will be huge man lol!!

I have the kshatriya ^^ Loving it a lot especially after seeing the first ep :D Now waiting to see the other Zulu units in action! Some how Kshatriya looks like a giant space flower in some of your screen captures ^^

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