Masking masking...Phew...

Super Italian Red

black & white stripes

chrome silver on car light area

back view

some failure & mistakes discovered after took of the masking tape:

1)paint chipping...(tear off masking tape to fast...)

2)broken...(next time have to hold it gently...)

3)too thick of paint...and need improve my masking technique


Woah love the color scheme. Ah lesson that i learn from your build, mustn't tear masking tape too fast from paint next time!

thx man, happy tat u like it!
actually from experience i got so far on masking tape matter, is depends, hmm, if spray too thick then we should be careful when tear it, my case is like tat. some suggestion from experience modeler is shouldn't wait till totally dry off to tear it. ^^ well need more experiment anyway~

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