soli guys, has been busy & tired for past few days, surprise tat some reader request for high resolution size of my 00 raiser wallpaper, thx for support & here u r zeroHertz & Tsukinari!


Cool! I posted a link at MAC to here bro. XD

Thanks bro~ also, CONGRATZ for winning 2nd prize in Midyear challenge~ :)

Thx captain don!
hey Zerohertz u r most welcome, and thx! unexpected prize... r u from Penang?

Yea, Penang-BM... hope that one day can meet you in person and learn stuffs from you! I love your kits and presentation style~

oh BM, if meet u i also dunno is u la, facebook?

Searched and added you bro~ Normally I will hang around at Modelland when I wanna restock~ c ya! ;)

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