HoHoHo, happy birthday to myself 1st & continue to my baby acguy WIP...

Neck extended with plaplates

Finished re-shape the body

Succefully do the posing like my sketch!

This time just relax build, already enough to spent the time on improving the articulation, no detailing apply.

separated & ready to surfacer!

to be continue...


Nice one~ looking forward on the completed kit~ Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY bro Howard!

thx man! the kit i think should be can finished in short time, hmmm, just still figuring out how to creare the dio ^^

Happy Birthday bro!!! hahaha i like this WIP i also have the same kit :)

hoho, glad tat u like it, how would u plan to do urs ^^, btw THX FOR THE GREETING!

Happy belated Bday ^^ All i can say is very kawaii build!! Haha maybe I can do one for my wife.

great job, man!

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