Was wasting a lot time on searching the stuff to make the big acguy head...

Found something near to the shape of acguy's head, but plastic is too hard to cut, it melt if using machine to cut! i used saw to cut the ring out in the end, ...after that roughen the surface

Dun hv the right tool to cut the plastic... i give up the big acguy head idea...sob...

paper clay to make the ground

acguy's little belly make the posing looks unnatural on the semi sphere... hide the belly inside the hole!

tamiya putty + silica sand to make the ground texture

testing the tamiya dio texture paint

German gray as base color, then spray the ground color (sand yellow), the lower area in darker color coz is near to the water

Wash with tamiya enamel brown + black

Apply tamiya dio texture paint on the dark area on top

After drying! (this pic took under the sunlight, so it looks diff color from the previous photo which is took under table lamp)

Baby waiting to lay on the small island....

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